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47 Destinations in Maine's 10 million acre forests.

The Maine sporting camp tradition started over a century ago, long before L.L. Bean pulled on his first pair of boots. In fact, some camps have remained in the same family for generations and have guests who return year after year, even generation after generation. While these guests' grandparents may have traveled by railroad, steamboat, horse-drawn wagon or canoe, this generation has access by float planes, snowmobiles, and gravel logging roads.

What has not changed is the hospitality and variety of experiences offered to the outdoor enthusiast. Camps in Maine vary from those in very remote areas to just outside of town; from rustic log cabins without electricity to modern lodges with all the amenities. In addition to the relaxation in Maine, traditional American Plan lodges provides three hearty, homecooked meals served in an attractive main lodge - some have cocktail lounges and recreation rooms. Many camps offer Housekeeping Plans for guests who want to do their own cooking. Nearly all camps provide canoe and motor boat rentals and offer the services of knowledgeable Maine Guides.

The Maine Sporting Camp Association (MSCA) was founded in 1987 by a group of camp owners to preserve the sporting camp's uniqueness in the State of Maine. By working closely with other groups and exchanging ideas and information, the members of MSCA continue the tradition of providing high quality recreational experiences to individuals and their families, a quality experience that visitors will remember long after they return home.

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