About MSCA

The MSCA is a 501C (6) non-profit organization that is led by a board of directors.

The Maine Sporting Camp Association (MSCA) was founded in 1987 by a group of camp owners to preserve the sporting camp’s uniqueness in the State of Maine. By working closely with other groups and exchanging ideas and information, the members of MSCA continue the tradition of providing high quality recreational experiences to individuals and their families, a quality experience that visitors will remember long after they return home.

The board of directors includes:

President: Harvey Calden, Tim Pond Camps

Vice-President: Wade Kelly, Tylor Kelly Camps

Secretary/Treasurer: Alan Theriault, Eagle Lake Sporting Camps

Director: Josie Allen, Macannamac Camps & Lodges

Director: Jason Bouchard, Chandler Lake Camps

Director: Darcie Calden, Tim Pond Camps

Director: Ron Greco, Bull Moose Wilderness Adventures

Director: Matt Libby, Libby Camps

Director: Gloria Theriault, Eagle Lake Sporting Camps

Director: Nathan Theriault, OMM Outfitters and Eagle Lake Inn

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